The Likelier Suspect

On the day Ben LaGuer was arrested in July 1983 word on the street was that the police had gotten the wrong guy. But that message didn’t get through to Leominster’s Finest, which quickly closed ranks around a theory that the 20-year-old kid just home from the Army and staying in the next door apartment committed a brutal assault on an elderly woman. The victim wasn’t saying much. She was traumatized, heavily medicated and had a history of severe mental illness. The building manager told police that LaGuer was the logical suspect.

If Ben didn’t commit this crime, then who did? In August 1983 a pair of private investigators discovered that the man the street would have indicted had a troubled past related to sexual misconduct. His name is Jose Orlando Gomez.

Consider that this man:

It was recently revealed that a man closely fitting his description:

And finally consider that Ben had never been in trouble with the law other than a minor drug infraction while stationed overseas in the Army. He comes from a solid, upwardly mobile family. Several psychiatrists have evaluated him and all say he does not even remotely fit the profile of a dangerous person. He refused a plea bargain under which he would have been released in 1985.

Documents Concerning The Likelier Suspect

Gomez 209A Violation
Gomez Arrest
Psychiatric Report
Martinez Report p. 7

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