Police & Prosecutor Deception

On July 13, 1983 a horrible crime was perpetrated against a particularly frail victim. She was 59 and had suffered with a long history or mental illness. She was punched in the face, sexually assaulted and left on the floor of her apartment with her wrists bound together with a telephone cord and her ankles bound with the cord of a hairdryer. In their rush to “solve” the case the Leominster Police quickly settled on Ben LaGuer as their only suspect. Twenty years old at the time he had just returned home from the Army and was living alone in his father’s apartment directly next door to where the crime occurred. He was first identified as a possible suspect by the building superintendent who was having a dispute with Ben’s father over landlord/tenant issues. The police searched the apartment on July 14 when no one was home. On July 15, when Ben was there, police came to question him about the crime and asked him to voluntarily accompany them to the police station, which he did. They told him that the victim could identify her attacker and that they had retrieved fingerprints from her apartment. Ben voluntarily allowed himself to be photographed and fingerprinted for comparison sake. Later that day they arrested Ben and charged him with aggravated rape. Once they settled on Ben as the prime suspect all further investigation of the crime ceased. Also, as evidence indicating Ben’s innocence emerged it was systematically ignored or suppressed. Consider the following:

The question lingers as to what the police may have found had they not completely shut down their investigation of the case after arresting the first suspect that came to their attention. The record shows that at that point instead of fairly evaluating the evidence they had, they systematically cherry picked evidence unfavorable to LaGuer and suppressed or even destroyed evidence that would have exonerated him.

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