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FreeBenNow.org is an independent and non-partisan source of information relating to the Benjamin LaGuer case. Everything posted here has been thoroughly researched and documented. If you find any errors please contact us and we’ll look into them and make corrections if warranted.

This Web site is produced and hosted by Dick Blanchard. He ran a similar site for former Massachusetts inmate Michael O’Laughlin as part of his successful campaign to prove that he was wrongfully convicted. Blanchard who has been involved in the Wrongfully Convicted movement since 2002 has worked to create awareness of the injustice done in our criminal justice system by "marketing" the plight of the wrongfully convicted to the public and media. Blanchard founded Advocates for the Wrongfully Convicted. Reach him at dickleb@aol.com. Content is provided by freelance journalist Eric Goldscheider who has studied and written about the case since 2001. He has taught college courses on wrongful convictions using the LaGuer case as a launching point. He also blogged about the case and made several media appearances during the 2006 Massachusetts governors race. Reach him at eric.goldscheider@gmail.com.
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